Accumulator Stations ABSBG


Where cyclical motions take place, hydraulic accumulators are able to reduce the installed power and thus increase energy efficiency. Our well-structured portfolio of bladder and diaphragm type accumulators meets the requirements of systems of all sizes and of all applications. Their convincing features are the long life cycles and sophisticated details. The exchangeable gas valves in bladder-type accumulators, for example, increase their maintenance- and repair friendliness. Thanks to the extreme resistance of the bladders in Rexroth accumulators, the exchange intervals can be extended as well. Our hydraulic accumulators provide a crucial back-up for safe shut-downs in case of a power failure in plant construction and wind energy plant applications.

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R901246327 – ABSBG-1X/B 1,0N-BA /10M330 V/B6M DC

R901246328 – ABSBG-1X/B 2,5N-CE /10M330 V/B6M DC

R901246329 – ABSBG-1X/B 4,0N-CE /10M330 V/A6M DC

R901246330 – ABSBG-1X/B10,0N-CE /20M330 V/A6M DC

R901246331 – ABSBG-1X/B20,0N-CE /20M330 V/A6M DC

R901246335 – ABSBG-1X/B 1,0N-BA /10E330G 24V/B6M DC

R901246336 – ABSBG-1X/B 2,5N-CE /10E330G 24V/B6M DC

R901246337 – ABSBG-1X/B 4,0N-CE /10E330G 24V/A6M DC

R901246338 – ABSBG-1X/B10,0N-CE /20E330G 24V/A6M DC

R901246339 – ABSBG-1X/B20,0N-CE /20E330G 24V/A6M DC

R901246340-  ABSBG-1X/B35,0N-CE /30E330G 24V/A6M DC

R901246341 – ABSBG-1X/B50,0N-CE /30E330G 24V/A6M DC

R901280003 – ABSBG-1X/M 1,4N-CE /10E140G 24V/K6M DC

R901280013 – ABSBG-1X/M 1,4N-CE /10M140 V/K6M DC

R901290495 – ABSBG-1X/B 2,5N-CE /10M100 V/B6M DC

R901292794 – ABSBG-1X/B10,0N-CE /20E210G 24V/A6M DC

R901299040 – ABSBG-1X/B10,0N-88 /20E210G 24V/A6M OL

R901301874 – ABSBG-1X/B 4,0N-CE /10M210 V/A6M DC

R901301877 – ABSBG-1X/B 4,0N-CE /10E210G 24V/A6M DC


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