Axial Piston Fixed Displacement Pump A2FO Series 6

Axial Piston Pumps

Axial piston pumps in swash plate and bent axis design are
intended for the medium and high pressure range. Variations
in the designs, in the performance ranges and in the
adjustment options offer perfect solutions for mobile and
stationary application ranges.

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R902230046 – A2FO10/61R-VAB06
R902230048 – A2FO12/61R-VAB06
R902230050 – A2FO16/61R-VAB06
R902230054 – A2FO28/61R-PPB05
R902230055 – A2FO28/61R-VAB05
R902230056 – A2FO32/61R-VAB05
R902230057 – A2FO32/61R-VBB05
R902230058 – A2FO45/61R-VPB06
R902230059 – A2FO56/61R-PPB05
R902230060 – A2FO56/61R-VAB05
R902230061 – A2FO63/61R-PBB05
R902230062 – A2FO63/61R-VAB05
R902230063 – A2FO80/61R-PPB05
R902230064 – A2FO80/61R-VAB05
R902230065 – A2FO90/61R-PBB05
R902230047 – A2FO107/61R-PPB06
R902230049 – A2FO125/61R-VBB05
R902230051 – A2FO160/61R-PPB05
R902230052 – A2FO180/61R-VBB05
R902230053 – A2FO200/63R-VBB05


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