Direct-Operated Proportional Directional Valves With Electrical Position Feedback 4WRE and 4WREE

Proportional Valves

Proportional valves are used as directional valves, pressure valves and flow control valves. With their integrated electronics (OBE) they reduce the required wiring and simplify the handling while at the same time providing exact reproducibility and a low manufacturing tolerance.

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R900246793 4WREE 6 W32-2X/G24K31/F1V

R900907114 4WREE 6 E32-2X/G24K31/A1V

R900907440 4WREE 6 V16-2X/G24K31/A1V

R900909367 4WREE 6 V08-2X/G24K31/A1V

R900911004 4WREE 6 W32-2X/G24K31/A1V

R900911681 4WREE 6 V32-2X/G24K31/A1V

R900912156 4WREE 6 E08-2X/G24K31/A1V

R900913359 4WREE 6 W1-32-2X/G24K31/A1V

R900915686 4WREE 6 E1-16-2X/G24K31/A1V

R900920567 4WREE 6 E16-2X/G24K31/A1V

R900923000 4WREE 6 W08-2X/G24K31/A1V

R900924607 4WREE 10 V75-2X/G24K31/A1V

R900925657 4WREE 6 W16-2X/G24K31/A1V

R900925733 4WREE 6 E32-2X/G24K31/F1V

R900927230 4WREE 10 E75-2X/G24K31/A1V

R900927231 4WREE 10 E50-2X/G24K31/A1V

R900927232 4WREE 10 E1-75-2X/G24K31/A1V

R900927233 4WREE 10 W75-2X/G24K31/A1V

R900927234 4WREE 10 W1-75-2X/G24K31/A1V

R900927235 4WREE 10 V50-2X/G24K31/A1V

R900927356 4WREE 10 E75-2X/G24K31/F1V

R900928553 4WREE 6 E1-32-2X/G24K31/A1V

R900928726 4WREE 6 E08-2X/G24K31/F1V

R900931371 4WREE 10 W50-2X/G24K31/A1V

R900933076 4WREE 10 E1-50-2X/G24K31/A1V

R900933077 4WREE 10 W1-50-2X/G24K31/A1V

R900939627 4WREE 6 W1-16-2X/G24K31/A1V

R900941623 4WREE 6 E16-2X/G24K31/F1V

R900948360 4WREE 10 W75-2X/G24K31/F1V

R900965185 4WREE 10 W1-50-2X/G24K31/F1V

R900976119 4WREE 10 W1-75-2X/G24K31/F1V


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