Direct-Operated Proportional Pressure Relief Valves With/Without Integrated Electronics (OBE) DBET & DBETE

Proportional Valves

Proportional valves are used as directional valves, pressure valves and flow control valves. With their integrated electronics (OBE) they reduce the required wiring and simplify the handling while at the same time providing exact reproducibility and a low manufacturing tolerance.

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R901029968 – DBETE-6X/200G24K31A1V

R901029969 – DBETE-6X/315G24K31A1V

R901029970 – DBETE-6X/350G24K31A1V

R901064278 – DBETE-6X/315YG24K31A1V

R901064548 – DBETE-6X/350YG24K31A1V

R901064677 – DBETE-6X/200YG24K31A1V

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