E.J Bowman Inline Plate Heat Exchanger -15-17


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Bowman stainless steel Inline Plate heat exchangers provide a compact, yet highly efficient heat transfer solution for a wide range of applications.


1 in stock (can be backordered)

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High efficiency heat transfer
Bowman Inline Plate units feature uniquely designed, internal plates that create a water flow arrangement which ensures both fluid streams circulate throughout the internal chamber of the heat exchanger, providing the most thermally efficient transfer between circuits.

Easy in-line installation
The unique design of the internal water flow arrangement enables the inlet and outlet connections to be axially inline, so the unit fits simply and neatly into pipework. For new installations, this feature plus the units compact, modern design can provide substantial space and cost savings.

High quality construction
Manufactured from 316 stainless steel, to Bowman’s renowned standards, these neat, compact units provide a high quality solution for high efficiency heat transfer.

Choice of brazing solutions
Whilst the plates of the standard product range are copper brazed, for more demanding or aggressive applications, a fully brazed 316 stainless steel unit is available.

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