External Gear Motor AZMF

External Gear Motors

External gear motors are a cost-effective alternative for rotary drives up to approximately 50 kW. The motors are available for one direction of rotation or reversible, for 2- and 4-quadrant operation.

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0511525611 AZMF-12-011UCB20PX-S0077

0511545601 AZMF-10-011USA20ML

0511525612 AZMF-12-014UCB20PX-S0077

0511625617 AZMF-12-016UCB20PX-S0077

0511645601 AZMF-10-016USA20ML

0511625615 AZMF-22-019UCB20PX-S0077

0511645603 AZMF-10-019USA20ML

0511625611 AZMN-22-020-UCB20PX-S0077

0511725604 AZMN-22-025UCB20PX-S0077

0511725605 AZMN-22-022UCB20PX-S0077

0511725607 AZMN-22-028UCB20PX-S0077

0511725613 AZMN-22-032UCB20PX-S0077



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