Filter Elements 9 & 10


Oil is the central component of every hydraulic system. If a system fails, this is mostly caused by oil contamination. Rexroth filters and cleaning systems for hydraulic oil and lubricating oil applications ensure ideal operating conditions throughout the entire life cycle. With a broad range of completely new and revised filter systems we have the right solution for all pressure ranges and applications for you. Our filter media reliably remove particles from all hydraulic fluids and thus protect your system against damage. In addition, our filters reliably remove free water from the medium and thus prevent corrosion. However, Rexroth offers more than just the standard: Specific process filters will meet the requirements of your individual applications as well. We have prepared our modern filter systems for the current and future requirements of condition-dependent maintenance strategies. Sensors that have been integrated into our filter assemblies permanently measure contamination and indicate necessary filter changes well in advance (even applying several indication levels) – either visually at the filter or via a message on the operator’s device of the control system. This reduces maintenance costs while at the same time ensuring optimum working conditions for your system.

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R928017073 – 9.30LA H20XL-A00-0-M SO3000

R928017074 – 9.30LA H10XL-A00-0-M SO3000

R928017076 – 9.30LA H3XL-A00-0-M SO3000

R928017086 – 9.30LA H10XL-F00-0-M SO3000

R928017087 – 9.30LA H6XL-F00-0-M SO3000

R928017110 – 9.60LA H20XL-A00-0-M SO3000

R928017111 – 9.60LA H10XL-A00-0-M SO3000

R928017112 – 9.60LA H6XL-A00-0-M SO3000

R928017119 – 9.60LA H10XL-F00-0-M SO3000

R928017120 – 9.60LA H6XL-F00-0-M SO3000

R928017143 – 9.110LA H20XL-A00-0-M SO3000

R928017144 – 9.110LA H10XL-A00-0-M SO3000

R928017145 – 9.110LA H6XL-A00-0-M SO3000

R928017152 – 9.110LA H10XL-F00-0-M SO3000

R928017176 – 9.140LA H20XL-A00-0-M SO3000

R928017177 – 9.140LA H10XL-A00-0-M SO3000

R928017209 – 9.160LA H20XL-A00-0-M SO3000

R928017210 – 9.160LA H10XL-A00-0-M SO3000

R928017211 – 9.160LA H6XL-A00-0-M SO3000

R928017218 – 9.160LA H10XL-F00-0-M SO3000

R928017242 – 9.240LA H20XL-A00-0-M SO3000

R928017243 – 9.240LA H10XL-A00-0-M SO3000

R928017244 – 9.240LA H6XL-A00-0-M SO3000

R928017251 – 9.240LA H10XL-F00-0-M SO3000

R928017276 – 9.280LA H10XL-A00-0-M SO3000

R928017308 – 9.330LA H20XL-A00-0-M SO3000

R928017309 – 9.330LA H10XL-A00-0-M SO3000

R928017310 – 9.330LA H6XL-A00-0-M SO3000

R928017317 – 9.330LA H10XL-F00-0-M SO3000

R928017375 – 9.500LA H10XL-A00-0-M SO3000

R928017407 – 9.660LA H20XL-A00-0-M SO3000

R928017408 – 9.660LA H10XL-A00-0-M SO3000

R928017409 – 9.660LA H6XL-A00-0-M SO3000

R928017416 – 9.660LA H10XL-F00-0-M SO3000

R928017437 – 10.30LA H10XL-A00-6-M SO3000

R928017460 – 10.60LA H10XL-A00-6-M SO3000

R928017483 – 10.110LA H10XL-A00-6-M SO3000

R928017505 – 10.160LA H20XL-A00-6-M SO3000

R928017506 – 10.160LA H10XL-A00-6-M SO3000

R928017528 – 10.240LA H20XL-A00-6-M SO3000

R928017529 – 10.240LA H10XL-A00-6-M SO3000

R928017551 – 10.330LA H20XL-A00-6-M SO3000

R928017552 – 10.330LA H10XL-A00-6-M SO3000

R928017553 – 10.330LA H6XL-A00-6-M SO3000

R928017575 – 10.500LA H10XL-A00-6-M SO3000

R928017597 – 10.660LA H20XL-A00-6-M SO3000

R928017598 – 10.660LA H10XL-A00-6-M SO3000

R928017599 – 10.660LA H6XL-A00-6-M SO3000

R928017621 – 10.850LA H10XL-A00-6-M SO3000

R928017644 – 10.950LA H10XL-A00-6-M SO3000

R928017666 – 10.1300LA H20XL-A00-6-M SO3000

R928017667 – 10.1300LA H10XL-A00-6-M SO3000

R928017668 – 10.1300LA H6XL-A00-6-M SO3000

R928017669 – 10.1300LA H3XL-A00-6-M SO3000

R928017690 – 10.2600LA H10XL-A00-6-M SO3000

R928019034 – 10.165LA H20XL-A00-6-M SO3000

R928019035 – 10.165LA H10XL-A00-6-M SO3000

R928019037 – 10.75LA H10XL-A00-6-M SO3000

R928019880 – 10.1700LA H10XL-A00-6-M SO3000

R928022419 – 9.60LA H10XL-F00-0-V SO3000

R928022476 – 9.330LA H10XL-A00-0-V SO3000

R928022585 – 10.2600LA H6XL-A00-0-M SO3000

R928037731 – 10.2600LA H10XL-A00-0-M SO3000



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