Gerotor Pump PGZ

Gerotor Pumps

Gerotor pumps are used in the low-pressure range up to 15 bar. They are often used in connection with other Rexroth pumps in cooling, filter or lubrication circuits.

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R901230020 PGZ4-1X/020RA07VE4

R901230024 PGZ4-1X/032RA07VE4

R901230028 PGZ4-1X/040RA07VE4

R901230032 PGZ4-1X/050RA07VE4

R901230036 PGZ4-1X/063RA07VE4

R901230040 PGZ4-1X/080RA07VE4

R901230052 PGZ5-1X/100RA07VE4

R901230056 PGZ5-1X/140RA07VE4


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