Hägglunds CA Motor – CA 70 60 SBONH0 02 00

The Hägglunds CA motor was developed for a very specific purpose: to provide a tough and powerful solution for heavy duty applications where size and weight are significant issues. The result is a really compact hydraulic drive with the same durability, excellent performance and reliability as other Hägglunds motors from Rexroth. With its small envelope size and lightweight, the Hägglunds CA has an excellent power to weight ratio.

Popular features of the Hägglunds CA motor are for example the numerous mounting options, the very useful through hole and the insensitivity to shock loads. When matched to your needs Hägglunds CA provides real competitive advantages in your plant operations. The benefits of using a Hägglunds CA motor are many.

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CA 70 60 SBONH0 02 00

Weight: 205 kg

Max Pressure: 350 bar

Max Speed: 275 (Rev/Min)

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