Hägglunds SP Pump R939056503 / SP-355-SR-V-EP2430560

The SP pump is designed specifically to Hägglunds specifi cations to provide a neatly packaged pump with integral boost pump, electro-hydraulic displacement stroker and fast compensator to reduce pressure spikes on tough drives. Maximum volume adjustment screws and a displacement indicator are included. A double shaft seal arrangement is provided to eliminate leakage. The SP has low noise characteristics and is designed to give long trouble free life in line with Hagglunds drives systems generally.

The SP provides a very wide range of pump displacements including the ability to use tandem pumps which on 250 size and above give a very compact solution using an internal gear pump for boost and servo pressures. 180 size and below are also available in tandem but using an external boost and servo pump. Tandem pumps enable one electric motor to load share two drives which can save space, improve efficiency and economy. In some applications however care with emergency stop must be taken when two completely separate drives are being considered. The SP therefore enables very good possibilities to optimize to the most efficient and appropriate drive selection.

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CNR: R939056503

MNR: R902430560

SN: 3596199

FD: 19W27


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