Hydraulic Pilot Control Unit TH7

Pilot Control Units

Electronic and hydraulic pilot control units (joysticks and foot pedals) are used for the sensitive, performanceoptimized and secure control of the work hydraulics and the drive hydraulics of modern mobile machines. Various handle designs, latching and reference positions for marking working points and characteristic curves enable an ideal adjustment in the machine. Pilot control units are maintenance-free and have a long life cycle.

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R907222257 – 1 TH7 Z 53-10/M 03 S 172

R907141454 – 1 TH7 Z 06-10/M 01

R907508769 – 1 TH7 QL 06-10/M 01

R907229117 – 1 TH7 QL 05-10/M 01

R907142321 – 2TH7Q06-1X/M05

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