Motor-Pump Group ABAPG & ABHPG (Type PV7)

Power Units

Power units are the heart of all hydraulic systems and have a major effect on their productivity and efficiency. Our power units are used in space as well as in deep sea applications. They supply injection moulding machines and steel works with force and move the most famous stages in the world. Thanks to their superior energy efficiency, Rexroth power units ensure low operating costs and a minimum CO2 footprint. Simultaneously, we systematically reduce the noise emissions and ensure that your system meets all safety standards. For this purpose, we take advantage of the largest modular hydraulics system worldwide by using mostly mass produced standard components.

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R901397396 – ABAPG-V7- 10- 14MC0-16/ 3,0CA4533/S HOY

R901397858 – ABAPG-V7- 40- 45MC0-16/11,0CB4533/SE HOY

R901305584 – ABAPG-V7- 40- 45MC0-16/11,0CB4523/SE HOY


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