Pilot-Operated Check Valves Z2S – Size 6

Isolator Valves

Valves that block the flow in one direction safely and leakage-free and simultaneously allow for free flow in the opposite direction (check valves and prefill valves).

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R901429695 Z2S 6-1-6X/V/60 J3

R900347495 Z2S 6-1-6X/

R900347496 Z2S 6-2-6X/

R900347498 Z2S 6A1-6X/

R900347499 Z2S 6A2-6X/

R900347501 Z2S 6B1-6X/

R900347502 Z2S 6B2-6X/

R900347504 Z2S 6-1-6X/V

R900347505 Z2S 6-2-6X/V

R900347507 Z2S 6A1-6X/V


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