Pressure & Flow Control System SYDFE1-3X, SYFDEE-3X

Hydraulic solutions with energy-saving control system

The Rexroth-SYDFE is an electro-hydraulic control system based on an axial piston variable displacement pump for controlling pressure, flow and power without throttling losses in the energy line. The advantages are robustness, high efficiency, energy efficiency as well as a dynamic and highly accurate regulation.

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R901435669 – SYDFED-3X/071R-VRB22U99-0000-A0ANVXX

R901127561 – SYDFEE-3X/071R-VRB22U99-0000-A0A0VXX

R901127563 – SYDFEE-3X/100R-VSB22U99-0000-A0A0VXX

R901127565 – SYDFEE-3X/140R-VSB22U99-0487-A0A0VXX

R901135305 – SYDFEE-3X/140R-VSB22U99-0487-A2A0FLX

R901135309 – SYDFEE-3X/071R-VRB22U99-0479-A2A0FLX

R901135310 – SYDFEE-3X/100R-VSB22U99-0000-A2A0FLX

R901135311 – SYDFE1-3X/071R-VRB22U99-0000-A0X0XXX

R901135312 – SYDFE1-3X/100R-VSB22U99-0000-A0X0XXX

R901135313 – SYDFE1-3X/140R-VSB22U99-0000-A0X0XXX

R901156589 – SYDFEE-3X/100R-VSB22U99-0479-A0A0VXX

R901435666 – SYDFED-3X/140R-VSB22U99-0000-A0ANVXX

R901435668 – SYDFED-3X/100R-VSB22U99-0000-A0ANVXX

R901353720 – SYDFEn-3X/071R-VRB22U99-0000-A0R0V

R901401568 – SYDFEn-3X/140R-VSB22U99-0000-A0R0V

R901432084 – SYDFEn-3X/100R-VSB22U99-0000-A0R0V

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