Pressure Function 2-Way Cartridge Valves LC (Installation Kit) and LFA (Control Cover)

Directional Cartridge Valves

2-way cartridge valves are elements that have been designed for a compact block design. The power part is installed in a receiving hole of the manifold according to ISO 7368 and closed with a control cover.

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R900910773 LC 32 DB40E7X/

R900912531 LC 16 DB20E7X/

R900912532 LC 16 DB40E7X/

R900912543 LC 32 DB20E7X/

R900912546 LC 16 DB20D7X/

R900912549 LC 25 DB20E7X/

R900912550 LC 25 DB40E7X/

R900912552 LC 25 DB20D7X/

R900912555 LC 25 DB40D7X/

R900912556 LC 32 DB20D7X/

R900927969 LC 40 DB40E7X/

R900938012 LC 40 DB20E7X/


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