As a platinum distributor for Aventics/Emerson, we at Leader Hydraulics are relishing this partnership.

We are looking forward to becoming a key partner for this brand over the coming years and we are beginning to see good results between both companies.

This post is going to focus on the rapid cylinder production that is available.

Since Emerson’s acquisition of Aventics in 2018 investments have been set in their infrastructure, including the rapid cylinder production facility in Lancashire. With Leader Hydraulics being a platinum distributor agreements have been set allowing us to offer customers same day despatch for cylinders 32 mm to 125 mm diameter with standard or non-standard strokes. This service can be offered for up to 5 pieces ordered by 10:30 on the day on which despatch is required.

At Leader Hydraulics we continue to thrive in offering industry leading customer service, with this additional service we can significantly reduce breakdowns saving our customers both time and money.

To learn more from Aventics/Emerson’s TRB (tie rod) and PRA (profile barrel) ranges please do not hesitate to contact one of our sales representatives today!