Q: How long have you been at Leader Hydraulics?

A: I joined back in October 2018 so I’m still relatively new to the team.

Q: What is your role at Leader Hydraulics?

A: I’m the marketing manager so my primary duties are managing all content on the website and overseeing activity across multiple marketing and social platforms.

Q: What has been your favourite project so far?

A: Previously a sales rep in the print media sector I enjoyed working alongside DFA Media in creating Leader Hydraulics first magazine appearance. Quite nice to be sat on the other side of the table for a change and the final product in the BFPA directory turned out great.

Q:What impact have you made?

A: A huge area of focus has been updating the website.

With the development and expansion of trade partners we’ve had a massive influx of new products to log online, still much more to do but we can see a great improvement in its content and accessibility online.

This alone has educated our audience the scale of brands we work with and what added value we can provide with our serviceability.

Q:What do you like most about working at Leader Hydraulics?

A: With my role I’ve been given a wide variety of responsibilities, it’s nice to be in an environment where I’m constantly learning new skills and being encouraged to push and run with innovated ideas.