Q: How long have you been at Leader Hydraulics?

A: I’ve been working at Leader Hydraulics for about a year now.

Q: What is your role at Leader Hydraulics?

A: I am the Administration Manager here at Leader Hydraulics. I oversee a lot of tasks here, from contacting customers regarding their orders, tracking and chasing suppliers, and making sure that deliveries reach their destinations on time. I also assist with taking enquiries on behalf of the sales team, and have some Accounts duties as well. On a day to day basis, I also manage the company Instagram.

Q:What impact have you made?

A: In the last year I have had a rather large involvement with expanding the product range shown on the Leader Hydraulics website. This has made it easier for customers to search by product descriptions and see all the options available, in terms of optional accessories and likewise. Additionally, I have been involved in growing our presence online by introducing the company to the social media platform Instagram. This involves us posting pictures everyday, and this has included pictures of our stock, services, deliveries, and we also promote our weekly news post on Instagram too, so that our customers that follow us can view all our promotions easier.

Q:What do you like most about working at Leader Hydraulics?

A: What I like most about working at Leader Hydraulics is that it’s a team commitment to providing customers with the services and products that they need with efficiency. Everyone works cohesively together and communicates in a way that there isn’t any disparity between departments. That way, customers don’t have to be confused about who to speak to about what. That, and everyone that works at Leader Hydraulics has been so welcoming and friendly and are always happy to help. So I definitely enjoy working here.