Our relationship with strategic partners Filtration Group have continued to flourish in 2020 with the support of a wide range of industry leading filters, today we wanted to focus on the Air Breathers range.

Air breathers play a central role in the filtration of transmission, lubricating and hydraulic oil by protecting the systems from external contamination. The ambient air that passes through openings in hydraulic fluid reservoirs usually contains particles of dirt or moisture.

These contaminants limit the performance of the sensitive components in the hydraulic system or damage them. Filtration Group offers efficient air breathers in a variety of designs and configurations, equipped with filter elements for all specified operating conditions and any required degree of cleanliness.

Filter housings made of corrosion-resistant sheet steel or fiberglass-reinforced plastic are available in many sizes and with various connection options to suit the respective application.

All air breathers have one thing in common: they ensure that hydraulic systems run much longer in high-performance operation than with conventional filters.