Celebrating the continued relationship with Filtration Group we are proud to announce we are the first UK partner to have our own branded filter shell.

Working closely with Filtration Group through the process we are excited to see these branded filters hit the shelves, promoting their superior PulseShield Technology to our customer-base.

PulseShield is a new generation of filter element technology that has been pioneered by Filtration Group, bringing together several new innovations.

The compression sleeve secures the pleated star firmly to the inner core and guarantees uniform pleat separation throughout the entire service life of the filter element.

This provides ideal filtration results, even through pressure pulsations, triggered by changing volume flows that may occur in the fluid system.

Their Premium Select filter media has been supplied to customers worldwide for many years and offers superior performance.

Now, the PulseShield compression sleeve combined with up to three Premium Select fiberglass layers increases the dirt holding capacity by as much as 30% in comparison to conventional filter elements. At the same time, the lower differential pressure results in a significantly reduced energy consumption.

For additional information please don’t hesitate to contact one of our sales representatives.