Our relationship with strategic partners Filtration Group have continued to flourish moving into 2021 with the support of a wide range of industry leading filters, today we wanted to highlight the depth of these hydraulic ranges and how they cater in multiple sectors and applications.

Machine Tools

Filter systems from Filtration Group make a decisive contribution to protecting sensitive hydraulics in mechanical and plant engineering by keeping liquids in the circuit clean.

Efficient solutions for every application in the hydraulic circuit prevent liquid or solid impurities from attacking the components and limiting the efficiency of the hydraulic fluids.

The material and design of the filter media guarantee a high dirt holding capacity and a consistently high separation efficiency throughout the entire service life. Even under extreme conditions, such as strong pressure fluctuations or pulsations, the cleanliness classes of the liquids can be maintained.

Agricultural &
Construction Machinery

Hydraulic and drive systems in mobile work machines must be able to provide maximum performance in the smallest and harshest environments.

Filtration Group has developed special space-saving filter systems for agricultural and construction machinery that keep hydraulic oils, fuels and lubricants clean.

FG filters absorb considerably more dirt than comparable models due to their design and the selection of filter media. They also last longer which is an economic and ecological advantage.

The outstanding cleaning performance of FG filter systems reduces the pressure loss and lowers overall energy consumption.

Power Generation

Hydraulic systems play a central role both in power generation from renewable energy sources and in conventional power plants.

Filtration Group has developed space-saving hydraulic filters specifically for wind turbines for azimuth, transmission and brake systems.

Filtration Group also offers ventilation filters for cleaning intake air that cools the hydraulic system and the transformer. In traditional power plants, efficient filters keep the hydraulic fluids and lubricants free of impurities, and oil filter modules separate suspended water from the oil.

Patented technologies make the filter elements with PulseShieldTM technology extremely stable and receptive, special materials prevent electrical discharges in the filter medium.

The wide range of products covers all application areas and common licensing formats.

Marine Industry

Complex technology is built into every ship, which must function perfectly even in wind and weather.

To protect the various hydraulic systems on and below deck from contamination and corrosion, Filtration Group offers a broad portfolio of filter and separation solutions, including filter elements – original parts or replacement elements that are compatible with other filter systems.

Filtration Group offers filter systems designed to fit to all requirements of each type of ship and meet the cleanliness requirements. They reliably clean all liquids to keep the ship running and thus its profitability.

All FG filtration and separation solutions meet international standards and are approved by leading marine companies. A specially trained team provides
advice, commissioning and maintenance support

Stationary Hydraulics

Hydraulic industrial equipment moves large and heavy loads, their enormous strength is based on the maximum energy transfer of the liquids under pressure. However, this can only occur if the hydraulic fluids are pure.

Filtration Group provides solutions for a wide range of applications with a broad portfolio of high-performance products. This also includes lubricating oil filters and oil mist separators to protect machines components from damage and people from dangerous oil vapors.

Filtration Group offers innovative technologies, like the compression sleeves on the FG PulseShield™ elements, to maintain the fluid cleanliness in a wide range of demanding applications. Filter systems from other manufacturers can also be equipped with the high quality replacement elements the EcoParts product offering.