Continuing with HYDAC’s Accumulator Technology feature last month it was important to address the Accumulator Accessories range.

This sector has continuously grown following Leader Hydraulics partnership with industry leaders HYDAC.

Hydraulic Accumulators With Back-Up Nitrogen Bottles

Back up nitrogen bottles can be a cost-effective way to increase the accumulator volume, meaning smaller accumulators can be used for the same gas volume and costs can be reduced.

Back up bottles are compatible for bladder & piston accumulator applications.

Charging And Testing Unit FPU

The FPU charging units make it possible to rapidly and inexpensively charge and/or test the required gas pre-charge pressures in bladder, piston and diaphragm accumulators

This unit comprises of  a charging hose, pressure gauge and pressure reducer. Compatible for a variety of accumulators with pre-charge pressures of up to 800 bar.

Safety And Shut-Off Block SAF/DSV

Safety and shut-off block is a hydraulic accessory offering protection from excess pressure on the fluid side and for the shut-off and relief of hydraulic accumulators. With its compact design minimal maintenance is required proving a key benefit.

Safety Equipment

Fundamental risks affecting hydraulic accumulators include excessive pressure and temperature increase, to help prevent these issues safety equipment options are available including gas safety blocks & valves.

As a HYDAC approved sales partner, we share the same core principles of quality, safety and reliability, so please do not hesitate to contact our dedicated sales team for any questions or queries regarding this product range.