Filtration has always been a vital sector for Leader Hydraulics, in which we work closely with a number of leading brands such as HYDAC.

Filter element technology has continuously evolved over a short period of time, with innovations being a annual norm. Over the coming weeks we will look at the various ranges in HYDAC’s arsenal and what their specialised applications are.

This week we cover ECOmicron, Stainless steel wire mesh & Stainless steel fibre filter elements.

The ECOmicron range of filter elements showcases improved filtration performance with its glass fibre technology, delivering a significant reduction in operating costs of both machine and system. This is an round cost effective range, yet it still maintains HYDAC’s ethos of quality and reliability.

Stainless steel wire mesh filter elements (W, W/HC) are used in lubrication systems for bearings (e.g. turbine bearings), water filtration, treatment plants for cooling emulsions and as guard filters. HYDAC pride themselves on their mesh design supporting durability and the necessary uniformed openings.

Metal fibre filter elements are used primarily as protective filters in highly dynamic applications. The filter element is constructed from randomly laid stainless steel wires. This stainless steel wire mesh pack which is pleated, produces a low pressure drop and is suitable for all operating fluids.

To enquire about our full range of filtration products please do not hesitate to contact our dedicated sales team today.