Innovation in every pleat.

Filter element technology is constantly evolving to obtain peak performance in selected environments and applications, the efficiently of filtration is paramount in all systems in which HYDAC have invested through research and development.

This week we cover HYDAC’s HELIOS pleat technology and look into their Paper, Aquamicron & Betamicron ranges.

HELIOS Pleat Geometry

HYDAC’s unique pleat technology doubles the available area for incident flow and its small support pleats prevent collapsing of the filter mesh even under high hydraulics loads.

In comparison to a standard pleat design , Helios achieves a significant reduction in flow velocity between the pleats and this is maintained even under the most adverse conditions.

Paper filter elements are usually for applications requiring low levels of filtration. Typical applications are, for example, waste compactors for the filtration of lubrication oil or high viscosity oils.

The filter element is constructed from randomly laid organic fibres that are stiffened with a binder.

The presence of water in hydraulic oil is a frequent cause of failures.

Aquamicron® technology provides an economically acceptable, yet effective method of separating water from mineral oils.

The 3-stage structure of Betamicron® filter elements ensures the maximum contamination retention and filtration performance.

An innovative bonding process used for the longitudinal seam guarantees that the cut ends of the mesh pack remain completely sealed even under high load variations.

This eliminates the possibility of particles crossing from the contaminated to the clean side.

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