A large choice of filter elements

Continuing with our segment on HYDAC Filter elements we explore the innovations and developments being made to ensure maximum efficiency in a rapidly evolving market.

This week we cover HYDAC’s Stat-Free technology and look into their Optimicron ranges of filter elements.

Stat-Free Technology

With the new Stat-Free® filter elements, HYDAC has for the first time succeeded in combining excellent electrostatic characteristics with filtration performance.

Unprecedented low charge generation in the filter element and in the fluid in the system is achieved with a new type of filter element mat and element design.

Optimicron® Power filter elements are characterized by a compact design and enable a homogenous flow of the fluid thanks to the innovative filter mesh pack.  With increased resistance, safety and an especially low pressure drop the Optimicron® Power range is suitable for a variety of high demanding applications.

The Optimicron® Pulse range of filter elements are characterized by a special flow fatigue resistance in applications, exposed to extreme pulsations.

HYDAC Optimicron® Pulse filter elements resist this dynamic stress. The special elastic materials of the filter mesh pack achieve a high durability of the filter element. Fatigue breakages of the filter mesh pack and consequent dirt break through to the pure side can be avoided.

Optimicron® Pulp & Paper product range were developed for the use in paper machines. Typically these are used in classic lubrication applications such as dryer section and wet end as well as in the filter-cool-oil-circuit of the press section and calender. The new filter elements are available in the sizes 1300 and 2600.

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