The right filter element for every application

Continuing with our segment on HYDAC Filter elements we explore the innovations and developments being made to ensure maximum efficiency in a rapidly evolving market.

This week we cover HYDAC’s Optimicron, Betamicron & Mobilemicron ranges.

The new Optimicron® filter elements have been optimised in respect of filtration performance and energy efficiency. They offer the best combination when it comes to separation efficiency, service life and differential pressure.

As a complete package the innovative characteristics of the new technology have a very positive impact on the differential pressure of the elements. For example, the new HELIOS filter mesh pack geometry has the effect of stabilising the pleats and increasing the available area of incident flow. The obvious advantage is improved flow conditions and as a result lower differential pressure.

The 3-stage structure of Betamicron® filter elements ensures the maximum contamination retention and filtration performance. An additional drainage layer directs the fluid flow with optimal efficiency. An innovative bonding process used for the longitudinal seam guarantees that the cut ends of the mesh pack remain completely sealed even under high load variations. This eliminates the possibility of particles crossing from the contaminated to the clean side

The use of Mobilemicron® element technology guarantees safe, reliable operation of your mobile machine. The Mobilemicron® series of filter elements is characterized by an especially low pressure drop which makes them particularly suitable for use wherever high-viscosity oil is likely – especially at low temperatures during a cold start. When Mobilemicron® elements are used, compared to conventional hydraulic elements under the same ambient conditions, the pressure produced is lower and the flow rate is higher which results in a lower energy requirement.

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