As approved Sales Partners for HYDAC UK we at Leader Hydraulics wanted to highlight the product offering and capabilities for these industry giants.

Moving into 2021 HYDAC continue to invest and develop an ever increasing product portfolio, catering to multiple sectors and applications. With this flexibility HYDAC can act as a one stop shop specifying applications with the focus of quality and reliability, an example of this would be Powergen Solutions.

Within the field of power generation, be it Nuclear, Gas or Coal fired power stations to Hydro-electric plant and Solar Energy Farms, HYDAC products are present and integrated as essential parts of the operational systems.

HYDAC’s business initially began within the field of Gas turbine lube oil cooling systems, and remains an area that they specialise today. As the renewable
energy markets emerged and expanded – where fluid power requirements also complimented the HYDAC product portfolio – this also became a key growth area.

Today, HYDAC boasts over 60,000 Cooling Systems installations within Wind Turbine systems alone, supported by high quality lubrication filtration systems, accumulator technology, and a host of other sub-systems, components and services

While HYDAC earned a reputation for the supply of high performance and quality products, their commitment to listen to their customer’s future needs and requirements, and evolve their products and technology to meet these, is where HYDAC stands ahead of the crowd as a true ‘engineering solutions provider’.
Supported by intensive R&D programmes across all products divisions and state of the art manufacturing facilities Globally, HYDAC have products for today and tomorrow.