New in from MP Filtri….

A shipment of High Pressure Filters have arrived in from MP Filtri.

Part Number – FMP3201BAG1A10NP01

Leader Hydraulics have received a shipment of MP Filtri FMP High Pressure Filters suitable for multiple sectors including Steelworks, Mobile Test Benches, Maritime and Industrial sectors.

These High Pressure Filters are designed to withstand pressures of up to 320 bar and are capable of operating in varied temperatures between -25°C to 110°C, illustrating the quality of design and functionality. Featuring robust build quality, these filters have been specially designed to thrive under high working pressures and offer exceptional protection to sensitive components located directly downstream of the filters, such as servo valves.

With an ever growing array of products and services, Leader Hydraulics are here to help you with all your Hydraulic, Pneumatic and Filtration needs, no matter how specialist they may seem, we can source them for you. Please enquire with our team for further details and see how we can find a solution for you today!