Active sales partners MP Filtri have always been a key asset for us at Leader Hydraulics, supporting a wide range of premium quality filtration products.

MP Filtri’s Hydraulic Filtration range offers a vast array of specialised products suitable for multiple environments and applications.

As part of an on going feature we’ll be looking into MP Filtri’s  product ranges, this week we cover High Pressure Filters.

Featuring robust build quality, these filters have been specially designed to thrive under high working pressures and offer exceptional protection to sensitive components located directly downstream of the filters, such as servovalves.

A wide range of models is available to satisfy all needs  from small to large flow rates with a choice of filter elements to ensure maximum circuit protection.

High Pressure Filters are available with threaded, flanged or manifold connections which are directly integrated into circuit control blocks / manifolds.

They are also available in duplex configuration to enable the contaminated section to be maintained even when the plant or system is in operation without any interruptions to the working cycle.

These filters have been created for high pressure circuits in a wide variety of applications, including: steelworks, mobile, test benches and the maritime and industrial sectors.

Key features include:
– Inorganic microfibre from 3 µm to 25 µm
– Wire mesh from 25 µm to 90 µm

Stainless Steel range available, ideal for food applications.