Active sales partners MP Filtri have always been a key asset for us at Leader Hydraulics, supporting a wide range of premium quality filtration products. We are excited to see the launch of the new ICM 4.0 Inline Contamination Monitor earlier this year, a first response in identifying early signs of contamination that could ultimately put the entire system out of action if left untreated.

The ICM 4.0 features a reliable in-built wifi hub – enabling users to track the performance and contamination levels of every single machine they operate in real-time.

Results are automatically uploaded and can be monitored via a variety of different feedback channels including a new mobile app, the user’s own cloud systems, a secure web browser and sophisticated software suites created especially for the ICM 4.0.

The new ICM 4.0 delivers a comprehensive and continuous hydraulic health check – while its predictive maintenance technology safeguards machinery, enhances productivity, and reduces both costs and unplanned downtime.

More than just a particle counter, the ICM 4.0 can automatically measure and display moisture and temperature levels in hydraulic fluids. It can be mounted directly where ongoing measurement or analysis is required and where space and costs are limited.

MP Filtri UK managing director Phil Keep said: “The ICM 4.0 will offer cutting-edge LED optical technology for unrivalled accuracy, tremendous attention to detail in manufacturing, and is backed by purpose-built software developed specially for the ICM 4.0 to take industry professionals  into a new information age.”

For more information please do not hesitate to contact one of our dedicated sales representatives today!