MP Filtri have always been a key asset for us at Leader Hydraulics, supporting a wide range of premium quality filtration products.

MP Filtri’s Hydraulic Filtration range offers a vast array of specialised products suitable for multiple environments and applications.

As part of an on going feature we’ll be looking into MP Filtri’s  product ranges, this week we cover Low & Medium Pressure Filters.

LMP – Low & Medium Pressure Filters are used as a process filter to protect pumps, pressure reducers and hydraulic circuits from damage due to oil contamination.

Protecting the most sensitive regulation and control components such as servo and proportional valves, LMP series filters deliver maximum protection from contamination. Boasting a robust design, in-line housing and a wide choice of accessories for specialist applications.

With 5 body size variants and a diverse pressure compatibility, the LMP range is suitable for a number of hydraulic systems. LMP filters are thus specifically designed to be suitable for a wide range of applications: from steel plants to mobile equipment, from test benches to naval applications, providing the right solution for filtering requirements in all sectors.

Key features include:
– Inorganic microfibre from 3 μm to 25 μm
– Wire mesh from 25 μm to 90 μm
– Resin impregnated paper from 10 μm to 25 μm