Active sales partners MP Filtri have always been a key asset for us at Leader Hydraulics, supporting a wide range of premium quality filtration products.

MP Filtri’s Hydraulic Filtration range offers a vast array of specialised products suitable for multiple environments and applications.

As part of an on going feature we’ll be looking into MP Filtri’s  product ranges, this week we cover Return Filters.

Return Filters

Positioned on the return line to the tank, return Filters perform the task of filtering fuid and preventing particles entering the system – externally or from internal wear and tear of components.

These filters are normally fixed to the reservoir and are positioned fully or semi-immersed. The position of the filters ensures returning fluid takes place in an immersed condition in all operating conditions – preventing the creation of foams and vortexes in the tank that can cause malfunctions or cavitation in the pumps.

The correct filter size will depend on the presence of accumulators or cylinders which can increase the return flow considerably.

As working pressures are relatively low, these filter ranges are normally light yet still robust.

For convenience it is possible to extract the filter element without disconnecting the filter from the rest of the system.

Key features:
– Inorganic microfibre from 3 µm to 25 µm
– Wire mesh from 25 µm to 90 µm
– Resin impregnated paper from 10 µm to 25 µm