With the constant developments to improve customer service and to provide a ‘one stop shop’ approach, greater resources have been put into Leader Hydraulics internal repair capabilities.

With our expert hydraulic engineers on site, we are able to offer a fast and efficient service from the receipt of the part to returning the repaired part to our clients.

We are happy to look at and repair any hydraulic item from all the major brands.

On receipt of the part we would strip it down and inspect all parts.

Upon completion of inspection we would send you a report detailing the extent of the repair with the cost and turnaround time. If you decide to go ahead there will not be a charge for this but if you do not go ahead, our terms and condition will apply. If the part cannot be economically repaired we will quote you a suitable new replacement part. All repaired products will be fully tested and issued with 12 months warranty from the date of repair.

Product groups we specialise in:


We offer a complete repair/refurbishment service from micro cylinders to very large cylinders. We would replace all seals and manufacture replacement rods and tubes and fit new mountings where required.


We can repair all control valves from a simple directional valve to the more complex proportional valves.


With hydraulic pump and motor repairs we will replace any worn or faulty parts and fit a new overhaul kit.

Please enquire with our team for further details and see how we can find a solution for you today!