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New in from E J Bowman….

A shipment of Hydraulic Heat Exchangers and Oil Coolers have arrived in.

With an ever-increasing relationship with many major and respected brands, Leader Hydraulics has welcomed a growing array of new products and services including our recent delivery of Hydraulic Oil Coolers and Heat Exchangers from E J Bowman.

Catering for one of our clients in the Asian Market, these land based Hydraulic Oil Coolers are designed to provide a high-quality cooling solution for hydraulic systems where fresh water is the cooling medium, they are also suitable for use with heat transfer fluids, lubricating and quenching oils.

EJ Bowman is a worldwide, ISO9001 certified OEM Heat Exchanger and Oil Cooler manufacturer, used for industrial and commercial applications and we are proud to have a strong association with them and will continuously strive to grow our rapidly expanding business together.

As you can see, once the goods reach our warehouse we ensure products are appropriately packed and secure for their final destination maintaining our ethos of strong customer service throughout the buying process.

We at Leader Hydraulics are here to help you with all your Hydraulic, Pneumatic and Filtration needs, no matter how specialist they may seem, we can source them for you.

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