Compact Hydraulics has always been a vital sector for Leader Hydraulics.

We have seen a huge increase year on year in our Compact Hydraulic sector. This is emphasised by our expanding partnerships with the industries most prestigious and respected brands, such as Bosch Rexroth and HYDAC.

With our continuous drive to support our dedicated partners and provide outstanding customer service and product knowledge, our internal team have undergone extensive training to gain further insight and understanding of this sector. Since then we have established ourselves as national distributors for Bosch Rexroth and HYDAC.

With this knowledge, our sales representatives are able to offer their expertise for all Compact Hydraulic requirements, therefore advising the most suitable products for your needs.

“As Head of Compact Hydraulics I’m really pleased to see this product range grow from strength to strength each year. We started with less than 50 products and now have many hundreds of products in stock. This is due to our customer demand for these products and this has happened in the space of 3 years which I feel is an incredible achievement.”

Head of Compact Hydraulics, Chris Badger

Please do not hesitate to contact our representatives today to discuss your Compact Hydraulic needs and please be aware that we can now offer other brands including Sun, HydraForce and Atlantic Fluid Tech.